ALICE Data Preparation Group (DPG)


The Data Preparation group is responsible for steering and coordinating the reconstruction of the data collected by Alice and the preparation and the execution of the Monte Carlo simulations.

It also in charge of organizing the Quality Assurance of the reconstructed and simulated data (at the detector, tracking and particle identification levels) and of developing and improving the Quality Assurance tools for future runs.

The third area of responsibility of the DPG is in the preparation and maintenance of the Analysis Objects and Tools, which includes the production, maintenance, quality assurance and bookkeeping of the AOD (Analysis Object Data) files, as well as the coordination of the groups working on event selections and properties and track selections and properties.


Organisation and coordination

DPG Coordinator: Chiara Zampolli
Deputy: Francesco Noferini


The activity of the Data Preparation group in organized in three areas, with specific mandate and goals.

  • PROC (Processing) 
    • Data (Preparation and follow-up)
      • Coordinators: Catalin-Lucian Ristea, Chiara Zampolli
    • Monte Carlo (Preparation and follow-up):
      • Coordinators: Gustavo Conesa Balbastre, Catalin-Lucian Ristea
  • QAT (Quality Assurance and Tools) 
    • Quality Assurance (Planning and execution):
      • Coordinators: Elena Botta, Piotr Jan Konopka
  • AOT (Analysis Objects and Tools) 
    • AOD (definition and maintenance):
      • Coordinators: Francesco Prino, Catalin-Lucian Ristea
    • Event (selection & properties):
      • Coordinators: David Dobrigkeit Chinellato, Evgeny Kryshen
    • Track (selection & properties):
      • Coordinators: Mario Krüger, Andrea Rossi


The Data Preparation group serves also a "glue" between the ALICE offline team, the Run and Trigger Coordination, the Physics Working Groups and the analyzers. Here is a list of the related contacts:


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