AliRoot Installation

Installation instructions

Please refer to the official installation instructions page with aliBuild.

Documentation for GitHub: basic tutorial, advanced tutorial.



The installation of FLUKA consists of the following steps:

mkdir fluka
cd fluka
tar xzf


  • Download and compile fluka_vmc (Note that fluka_vmc repository was migrated from to CERN Central SVN Service)
svn co fluka_vmc
cd fluka_vmc/source


For convenience, add the last two lines to your shell customisation file (.bash_profile, .zshenv, ...).

  • Create a working directory to run aliroot using FLUKA
cd $ALICE ROOT/TFluka/scripts


This script creates the directory tmp and inside all the necessary links for data and configuration files and starts aliroot. For the next run it is not necessary to run the script again. The tmp directory can be kept or renamed. The user should run aliroot from inside this directory.