Raw Data Format of Detectors

It is important that the numbers identifying the DDLs are unique. Therefore a unique number is assigned to each detector. This detector number times 0x100 is used as offset for the DDL IDs of each detector. The detector numbers and the DDL offsets are listed in the table below for all detectors. These values are just conventions and they may change in the future. Therefore it is recommended to use constants for these numbers in the code.

The detector names which are used to create the raw data DDL files are listed in the table below as well. In addition the total number of DDLs per detector is indicated and some links to documents describing the detector specific raw data are provided.

of DDLs    
Raw Data
TPC 0 0x0000 216 compressed ALTRO*
ITSSPD 1 0x0100 20 Document
ITSSDD 2 0x0200 12 Document*
ITSSSD 3 0x0300 16 Document*
TRD 4 0x0400 18  
TOF 5 0x0500 72 Talk
PHOS 6 0x0600 20 + ? ALTRO* (EMCA part)
RICH (HMPID) 7 0x0700 20  
EMCAL 8 0x0800 22 ALTRO*, Talk
MUON 9 0x0900 20 Note, Talk 1, talk 2
MUTR (µ trigger) 10 0x0A00 2 Note
ZDC 11 0x0B00 1  
PMD 12 0x0C00 6 Talk
START (T0) 13 0x0D00 1 Talk
VZERO 14 0x0E00 1  
CRT (ACORDE) 15 0x0F00 1  
FMD 16 0x1000 3 Talk

* Section 3 about the general strategy is outdated.