Analysis Object Data (AOD)

AOD is the end user, physicist data. AODs are obtained by filtering ESDs (tracks, vertices, ...) or by high level reconstruction based on ESDs or AODs (charmed hadrons, jets, photons, ...). 

The design of the AOD  in AliRoot is equal to the one for ESD. The persistent data consists of branches of a tree (treeAOD).  A transient class AliAODEvent is responsible to create and connect standard AOD data to the tree. New AOD data objects can be added dynamically.

Requirements from ALICE Physics Working Groups (PWGs)

The contents of the AOD data classes has been discussed in several analysis sessions during recent offline weeks.

Requirements of the Phsyics Working Groups, Offline Week, July 2007
, Panos Christakoglou
PWG3, Gines Martinez
PWG4, Gustavo Conesa

" Status of the AOD", M. Oldenburg Offline Week, October 2007, files

Requirements of the Physics Working Groups, Offline Week, April 2008
, Panos Christakoglou
PWG3, Gines Martinez
PWG4, Gustavo Conesa

In a common meeting of the conveners and interested members of the ALICE Physics Working Groups organized by the Physics Coordinator we agreed on the design  of the standard AOD classes.

The implementation of the AOD classes are coordinated by Andreas Morsch (Andreas.Morsch AT
Some open issues:

  • Detector PID information for high-p T particles in AliAODTrack (contact A. Mastroserio)
  • Charmed hadron reconstruction based on AOD input (contact A. Dainese)


AOD Design in AliRoot

Header: AliAODHeader

Tracks: AliAODTrack

Vertices: AliAODVertex

Secondary Decays: AliAODRecoDecay

Cluster: AliAODCluster

Jets: AliAODJet