GRID Status

Masstorage logo -- Artwork by G.Galli Carminati

The status of GRID services in ALICE can found in the " MonALISA Repository for ALICE".

MC production status and events availability

The Monte-Carlo production status table is available here

To view the run statistics, click on the 'Description' (second column). The runs available on disk storage are marked as 'Staged'. The xml collection containing all files is displayed by clicking on the green box for the corresponding run. Alternatively, a specific collection can be created by following the instructions given here

Storage status

The table below is a live status of all GRID storage elements available for users.

The status of a Storage Element is shown in the columns 'SE status', 'add', 'ls', 'get', 'whereis', 'rm'. The storage element is
operational if all of these are Green.

Please follow these simple usage rules:

  •  Put as much as possible the output files in archives:
  • Use the SEs with MSS backend only for important files