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Computing Rules


  • All code and data (both RAW and processed / simulated) used to produce results that will be disseminated must comply with the following rules:
    •  Code and data must be publicly available within the collaboration
    • The code must be integrated in the AliRoot environment, unless it is a small standalone program
  • The modalities to make code or data publicly available and of the code integration in the framework are defined in detail by the offline project.
    • In case of disagreement on the interpretation or implementation of the rules, the Computing Board will arbitrate.
    • If no decision can be reached in the Computing Board, the issue will be taken to the attention of the MB
  • The ALICE computing policy requires that any output that results from any analysis of data that were taken within auspices of the ALICE Collaboration that are presented to conferences, published or otherwise disseminated to anyone beyond the Collaboration are produced with official ALICE code on data and with code made available to the whole collaboration via standard production tools.
    • By results we mean a result of any computation, be it simulation, reconstruction or analysis of real or simulated data performed or provided by any member of the ALICE collaboration that is related in any significant way to the ALICE experiment


  • For the purposes of this policy, the term official ALICE is defined as any code
    that is:
    • Integrated into the AliRoot framework;
    • Checked into the ALICE svn repository ( );
    • Integrated in the AliRoot build system and is correctly built by the ALICE built system;
    • Follows the AliRoot syntactical and semantical rules valid at the moment it is used for producing the results in question;
  • AND
    • Passes successfully any possible regression test provided with it.
  • Note that at the time of adoption of this policy, a regression test is not mandatory, but in event that any such policy shall be adopted in the future, its presence will be implicitly required by item 4 above.
  • The sole discretion as to whether to incorporate any piece of code into the AliRoot framework, and therefore make it "official" for the purpose of this policy shall reside with the ALICE Core Offline team.
  • All Data shall be made available to the ALICE Collaboration by publishing them into the ALICE File Catalogue with proper MetaData in public pseudo-directories decided in conjunction with the Data Production Coordinator.
  • The standard production tools shall be those that are provided by the ALICE Distributed Computing Environment. In particular, at the time of the adoption of this policy this implies the submission of batch jobs via the AliEn system or analysis on a PROOF cluster.
  • Any disputes with respect to the implemetation and execution of this policy shall be resolved by referral of the matter to the ALICE Computing Board. The decision of the Computing Board may be appealed to the Management Board, whose decision shall be final.